Our activities program is provided to encourage residents to continue to self-care, assist in resuming of normal activities and the maintenance of an optimal level of psychosocial functioning.

These programs take into consideration the needs and former interests of the resident and are designed to promote opportunities for engaging in normal pursuits, including religious activities of their choice, as well as opening their interests to new pursuits.

Recreational staff assess the individual likes and pursuits of each resident. Group activities are offered(with resident input). Independent materials are also provided as needed to residents who prefer to pursue their individual/ independent interests. All residents receive 1:1 visits to assure that sensory and social stimulation is maintained.

Groups include but are not exclusive to Special Events, musical programs, games, cognitive programs, sensory programs.

Each resident’s activity level is approved by the resident’s Attending Physician so it is not in conflict with the treatment plan. The activities are designed to promote the physical, social and mental well-being of the residents. Adequate space and the variety of supplies and equipment are made available to the Activities Department.