After a long winter, sunshine and warming weather is finally here. To help you enjoy the season, we rounded up some great ways to celebrate spring with a senior citizen. These senior-friendly activities are sure to brighten their day and help you create special memories together.
  • Exercising Outdoors
    The winter season might not be an ideal set-up for outdoor exercises. But now that the cold air is gone, it’s time to spend some time outside and get the body moving. Senior citizens can do this by spending their mornings getting their blood pumping doing their favorite aerobic workouts. This includes walking, jogging, and bicycling.  Try an outdoor yoga class at sunrise to increase mobility and strengthen focus throughout the day. Combine exercise with a nature hike or explore a new park with grandchildren to exercise mind, body, and soul!

    Moreover, engaging in outdoor physical activities gives them a chance to bask in the sunshine while improving their physical well-being. Some of the benefits of working out include:

    • Strengthening the bones and muscles.
    • Protecting heart health.
    • Lowering blood pressure.
    • Improving strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.
    • Enhancing blood circulation and lung capacity.

Older adults can still reap these benefits by exercising indoors. However, working out in the open allows seniors to breathe the fresh air and get that vital exposure to the sunlight for a good dose of Vitamin D.

  • Gardening
    For seniors who have a green thumb, you can get them to do their favorite hobbies outside now that it’s the spring season.
    Connect with nature and spend some time outdoors. Gardening is a great spring activity for seniors that does not need to be expensive – some people give away free perennial cuttings or nodules for free on websites like NextDoor or Facebook. Start with a 5-gallon bucket garden on the cheap if you are in a small space or don’t want to bend over. Being outside and surrounded by nature also significantly impacts their physical and mental well-being.
  • Enjoying Nature
    After being cooped up indoors all winter, it will feel great to get some fresh air and sunshine. For older adults who aren’t mobile, simply sitting in a room with windows open to the fresh air is a comfortable way to enjoy nature. Or, sit just outside the house to appreciate the trees and flowers. For some added fun, blow some bubbles! Many senior citizens love to visit farmers’ markets. Stroll through and shop the fresh produce, lovely flowers, and local products.
  • Playing Outdoor Sports
    Besides exercising, playing your favorite sport is another great physical activity to do this spring. You can set up mini courts for tennis, ping pong, and badminton. At the same time, seniors who like to play mind sports can also have fun outside by setting up a table for chess and board games.
  • Spending Time with Family
    Some of the activities seniors can enjoy with their loved ones include:
    • Flying a kite with the grandkids.
    • Enjoying their famous family recipe outside.
    • Playing catch with their grandkids.
    • Catch up with the lives of loved ones.
    • Take some pictures with the beautiful spring nature as a background.
  • Volunteering
    Get outdoors and spend some time helping others! Volunteer for a park or beach clean up day, help with a pet adoption event at a local park, or play a sport with a child you mentor. The warmer weather is energizing and volunteering is a great way to give back and help seniors enjoy the spring in a way that is engaging and meaningful.
  • Attending Local Events and Festivals
    Spring means that local festivals and events are back! Check your local news and events sites to find local festivals that feature seasonal cuisine, local bands, and more. This is a great activity to attend with friends or even bring grandchildren.
    Spring is also an ideal season to visit the local farmer’s market, a plant nursery, or take a drive around town with your windows down. In addition, you can also spend time in the park and feed some birds and just enjoy the beauty of nature.